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Posted on 14 October 2010 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags: Conferences JavaScript Programming

I was able to attend JSConf EU 2010 last month. It was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. The quality of most talks was outstanding. The conference was also quite small so that you had a chance to actually talk to the people you wanted to meet. Douglas Crockford gave a talk, as did the creator of JavaScript himself, Brendan Eich and Dion Almear and Ben Galbraith of the palm webOS project.

Other talks I immensly enjoyed were "Getting Functional with (fab)" by Jed Schmidt. His slides were absolutely exceptional and the talk was both very entertaining and fascinatingly detailed. You can watch his talk here. If you haven't checked out (fab) yet, you should do so right now!

"The Front-end Takeover" by Aaron "That Bacon Guy" Quinn was - as expected - both entertaining and insightful. It was nice to meet Aaron in person at the pre conference code food bar event.

"The jQuery Divide" by Rebecca Murphey showed how it is important to actually learn and use JavaScript and not just a framework.

Another absolute highlight was "Lessons learnt pushing browsers to the limit" by Ben Firshman. Juicy details about performance issues and solutions learnt while porting an NES Emulator to JavaScript. Wonderful. This is the kind of stuff I attend conferences for :).

While Tobias Schneider's (of Gordon fame) talk "Not your Mother's JavaScript!" was definitely interesting, I wish he would have shown more examples and more cool stuff. Maybe my expectations were just too high.

Another fantastic talk was "Socket.IO: WebSockets for everyone" by Guillermo Rauch. Socket.IO is a library that enables websockets for (almost) every browser, even IE 5.5(!). A fantastic talk about an equally fantastic library. Definitely check out the demo code for this talk.

Mutwin Kraus' talk about "Using canvas to develop classic 2D games" was both interesting and practical. Mutwin talked about JSScummVM, canvas, sprites and masking. Good stuff!

Of course the final talk by Chris Williams - "community.js" was very powerful and introduced the Promote.JS project to improve JavaScript documentation visibility. A very good idea.

So what's left to say? I can't wait for JSConf.eu 2011!

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