WWDC 2008: Something Big is Going to Happen

Posted on 09 June 2008 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags: WWDC Conferences
I picked up my badge today because last year I had to stand in this huge line twice on Monday morning: once to pick up my badge and once to actually get in. Since this year's WWDC is sold out I wanted to make sure to at least register and pick up my badge and swag the day before. The t-shirt surprised me a bit. This is a close up of the print on the front: Three iPhone icons indicating 10 am on June 9th at the Moscone Center: the time of tomorrow's keynote. Does this mean that the keynote is going to be so big that you'll need a t-shirt saying "I was there"? Well, it definitely is another hint towards a landmark event. Will the 3G iPhone be the only big thing? I don't think so because it's no surprise anymore that it will be announced. So I suppose we'll have to wait and see. I can't deny a certain excitement :)! Here are some more pictures: The T-Shirt: The bag (quite nice little neoprene laptop bag): The Moscone Center West all dressed up: I better get to bed now. Tomorrow is going to be a big day!


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