Adobe Flex 3 Roadshow 2008 in Hamburg

Posted on 15 April 2008 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags: Programming Conferences
I went back in forth in my mind a lot about whether I should attend the Adobe Flex 3 Roadshow 2008 in Hamburg this morning or not. I decided to attend. I was stuck in traffic for about 30 minutes so it took me over 1:30 hours to get there. The event started off with a short presentation about Adobe, then a short presentation about the Herrlich & Ramuschkat GmbH and finally a longer presentation about Flex Builder 3. I found out quickly that this was an event for people who have never heard of Flex and have no idea what it is. The demo showed a Hello World example, a grid, an HBox, a VBox, a Tab Control, and a simple data binding example: All stuff that I had seen or done before. I asked one question about testing and it turns out that Flex Builder does NOT come with any (unit-) testing support. That is rather disappointing. I left at the lunch break and didn't stay for the two short sessions on AIR and BlazeDS. I was hoping for some more developer-oriented material and some in-depth information. I would have learned more about Flex and AIR if I would have used the time at home trying out examples, reading the docs and watching some screencasts. Oh, and they were even out of coffee when I came... I did get a nice pen, though.


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