Great Python Threads Tutorial

Posted on 19 August 2007 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags: Programming Python
I'm currently working on a small multi-threaded Python daemon. I've used the Python thread and threading modules before but this time I want to make absolutely sure to do The Right Thing ™. Googling for "python threads" turned up some nice results. The first result made it clear that I didn't have to look any further: Tutorial on Threads Programming with Python (PDF). It's a very in-depth tutorial written by Norman Matloff and Francis Hsu of the University of California, Davis. The tutorial has an insightful introduction to the topic of threads and processes, some great explanations of the thread and threading modules, the use of locks and even GIL; all with some well commented source code (isn't well commented code the best tutorial anyway?). So if you happen to be interested in threads (and who isn't?) make sure not to miss this great read.


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