iPhone Hype and Baked Beans

Posted on 03 July 2007 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags: Apple
Well, I guess a lot of iPhones have been sold in the last couple of days. Rightly so, it seems to be a rather nice device, although I as a developer am very disappointed that Apple doesn't let us develop real applications that actually run on the iPhone... who knows maybe they will at a later point. The hype around this new phone is quite facinating, although it doesn't surprise me: Apple is a company that knows how to produce loyal customers and definitely also knows how to attract new ones. I'm not sure when the iPhone will come out here in Germany, but I think sometime later this year. In my opinion the iPhone will play one very important role: It will finally open the market for mobile internet applications. As far as I know you can only get the iPhone with an always-online-flatrate-data-plan. If they introduce the iPhone with a similar plan in Europe it might start a small revolution because at the moment very few people use their cellphones to go online because it's simply too expensive. Having a device that can display websites the way they should look and a plan that allows you to be online as much as you want can open the door to some very cool applications (and people who will actually use them). Oh, and here are the baked beans....


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