WWDC - Day 4

Posted on 14 June 2007 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags: WWDC

Another gorgeous morning in the Bay Area. The Caltrain just passed the Mountain View station and I'm on my way to day 4 of the WWDC. Some very interesting sessions are waiting for me: First there's "Leopard User Interface Design." After that I'll go down to the QTKit Lab to ask if QTKit would be a good choice to develop an app to recognize multiple barcodes in a picture using for example zebra. If there's still time afterwards I might catch the end of the session "Developing Cocoa Applications with Python and Ruby."
In the afternoon I might go to either "Tracing Software Behavior with DTrace" or "Creating Stunning Effects with Core Image." I'm very impressed by Xray and the session yesterday was great, so I might go see the DTrace session... I'm not sure yet. I can still watch whatever session I missed on the session DVDs that will be sent out to the attendees some time after the conference.
After that I'm going to see the session by the GCC Engineer I met on the Caltrain yesterday: "Taking Advantage of Compiler Advances" and I don't know about the last session yet. So it looks like it's going to be an extremely interesting day at the WWDC again!

I'm sitting in the waiting room of the San Francisco Caltrain station on the corner of 4th and King St. I was ingenious enough to manage to miss both the train that left at 7:20 PM and the one that left at 8:25 PM (because I thought it would leave at 8:35 PM...).
Today was a very interesting day nevertheless. The "Leopard User Interface Design" session was very good, lots of great UI guidelines that you can apply to almost any interface. After that I went to the QTKit Lab to ask about that barcode project: Turns out that QTKit would be a good fit for the problem (no surprises there).
At lunch I met a Mac developer from Google who works - among other things - on the GMail notifier which I use every day.
After lunch I decided to go to the Core Image session: a very good decision because I met an Apple engineer who could help me even further with my barcode problem. Then I went on to the "Compiler Advances" session. Some stuff was a bit over my head, but very interesting nonetheless.
I went to the WWDC Bash afterwards. I'll write more about it tomorrow. I'm on the train now, I'm tired and my battery is running low... as well as my laptops.


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