WWDC - Day 2

Posted on 12 June 2007 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags: WWDC

It's another beautiful morning here in the Bay Area. It's Tuesday morning and I'm on the northbound Caltrain to San Francisco.
I just finished setting up the Xcode Tools on my fresh installation of the Leopard beta that every attendee received yesterday. It's very beautiful and Apple introduced some very useful features like the new Desktop and Quick Look.
Yesterday was a very interesting day at the WWDC already - but today is going to be even more interesting and even longer: In the morning I'll attend a session about Core Data and about "Creating Leading-Edge 2D Graphics with Quartz".
After lunch I'll be learning about "Building Powerful Web 2.0 Applications with WebObjects", "Getting Started With Cocoa Bindings" (a hands-on session), and I'll check out the "Dashcode and Dashboard Lab".
So much for the sessions. In the evening two must-attend events are taking place: The Apple Design Awards and "Stump the Experts". So the day will be over sometime around 10:30 PM. That's why I'm staying in the city tonight - heading back out to San Jose would just be too much and I wouldn't be in bed before 1 AM.
So everything looks very promising and I'm sure I'll learn a lot!
Btw, you can watch yesterday's keynote now.


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