WWDC 2007 - Last Day

Posted on 15 June 2007 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags: WWDC

This week really rushed by: It's Friday and WWDC 07 is almost over. It has been a great experience and if everything works out I definitely will be back next year.
This morning I attended "Designing and Developing Hybrid-Web/Cocoa Applications" and "Using Xray and DTrace for In-Depth Analysis." They were both great sessions, although I didn't pay too much attention during the Xray session because I had an idea for a piece of software, so I was mostly concentrating on building a prototype during the session. I will have plenty of time for more coding on the way home: 3 flights and over 6 hours of layovers!
Now I'll meet with an Apple Developer Connection guy that I met in Hamburg this January at the Mac OS X Leopard Tech Talks and then I'll go to a session about code hardening.


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