Safari 3.0 beta Security Issues

Posted on 12 June 2007 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags: WWDC Security Safari
Yesterday during the WWDC keynote, Apple's Safari browser was announced for Windows. Safari is a nice browser and the 3.0 version has some nice new features - especially for developers, but since I don't use Windows, I don't really care if it runs there or not. Interestingly though - after less than a day - lots of security holes have been discovered. Apple has to be aware, of course, that now a lot more people can run Safari and that on top of that it can run on a platform that seems to be prone to security issues. Being here at WWDC and being able to talk to lots of Apple engineers shows that they are very interested in feedback from users and developers and that they are determined to fix bugs ASAP. Still, security is more important than speed.


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