iTree and the Last Day

Posted on 26 June 2007 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags: Work Personal

Two hours ago I got home from my last day of work at my old job. The tree you see on the side was waiting for me at my desk this morning: It's an apple tree... or should I say Apple (TM) tree? A wonderful gift from my co-workers. They also gave me a photo album with pictures of everyone and some nice words. It was really very touching. I worked there for over four years so it wasn't easy to go. I will definitely miss my old co-workers. They are all very nice and the work atmosphere was always great. "Why do you leave then?" you might wonder. Well, I've been doing security consulting and software development work on the side for over two years now and earlier this year I came to the conclusion that that's what I want to do and that doing both is not possible any longer.
So on the one hand I'm sad because I leave the friends behind that I made at Gebeco but on the other hand I'm very excited about the new flexibility and the new challenges that I will face.
Well, my old job is not so far away, so I'll make sure to drop by now and then and say "Hi".
Oh, there's one more thing: Half an hour before I left I wanted to show a co-worker a Python script I had written. It performs various file system and DB2 database tasks. I had developed it on Linux but now it was supposed to run on Solaris! Of course the Solaris tar didn't understand "--directory" and the DB2 client couldn't handle the export command correctly. So I feverishly tried to fix it as my time was running out (I had to get home because my wife needed the car!). Well, I was able to fix the script and we found a more up-to-date Solaris machine which had a more current DB2 client installed so it all worked out. I wouldn't have wanted to leave on my last day with something not working!


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