Getting Ready for WWDC 2007

Posted on 07 June 2007 by Johannes Fahrenkrug. Tags: Programming WWDC Mac Conferences
On Saturday I'm going to fly to San Francisco to attend WWDC 2007 next week. It's my first time, so I'm pretty excited. I'm gonna meet Aaron Hillegass, author of the great book "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X". He already told me in an email that he's gonna be hard to miss: He's very tall and he'll be wearing a big cowboy hat. My electronic WWDC ticket gives me access to some pre-conference developer resources, among which is a 5.4 GB disc image of Mac OS Leopard. I installed it on my iBook yesterday (yes, it works on "old" PPC hardware). Since it's covered by an NDA, I won't say much about it... well, even if I wanted to I couldn't say much because I've only played around with it for a few minutes. Some features, like Spaces and Time Machine are no secret anymore and they do look pretty nice. Well, the installation went very smooth and I'm sure a few really cool features will be announced next week when the full feature beta will be handed out to the attendees. I'll try to post some interesting updates every day!


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